And the thing has been updated, Finally

So Got around to updating the blog, will be posting more things this year. More random rants, more frontend things, probably some complaining about the government. All those things.

Will need to write about grunt accessibility which seems to be getting some traction (people use my rubbish?).

This took way too long to figure out, but it resulted in globbing patterns finally working.

      var deferred = Promise.pending();

      phantom.spawn(srcFile, {
        options: this.options,
        done: function (err) {

      return deferred.promise;

That took way too long to find in the bluebird docs. After reading some massive rant in there about why I shouldn't use this kind of pattern the answer was hiding under under promise.pending() (again which you shouldnt use, except in timeouts, cause you know).

Seriously, delving through documentation is seriously boring without reading through why you should be doing something. Not saying their wrong, but people have a job to do without going through more bullshit.

Anyway, rant over.